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Generation MLM Plan

The purely product selling MLM plan is Generation plan. Generation plan know as more name just like Repurchase Plan, Gap Commission Plans. It is a product selling motivational MLM plan in which each affiliate promoter their downline to sale of products and gets incentives and bonuses on particular target achievement.

The MLM Generation Plan especially for those Companies which are manufacturer of consumable products. In present competitive market, a manufacturer needs to give ads in advertising media like new papers, TV etc. to increase their product selling. The Generation MLM plan is a concept in which there is no need to expense on such media because all we knows the MLM is based on a group of affiliates/ members and mouth advertising.

The MLM Generation Plan is a concept which is based on profit sharing MLM business. The manufacturer share advertising expenses direct to their distributors. When distributor sales a product the volume to be distributed towards up-lines, that is the reason it’s called a Generation Plan in MLM Industry.

The MLM software solutions that we develop can easily be used by any company or individual, which is in the field of MLM business. The generation MLM compensation plan that we offer comes with full featured website system and enterprise software to operate the MLM companies. Besides, these can also offer a push start to the companies in their businesses. The best part of the generation MLM compensation plan that we offer is that the owners can access it anytime from anywhere with just the help of a secure Internet connection.

The generation MLM compensation plan comes with the features that can define the companies and the products from which the marketing companies are doing their businesses. Besides, this plan can also define the user commission as well as can generate the commission reports. Apart from that, the members can also see entire downline of the online MLM software in the tree view. Another great thing about the generation plan that we offer is that here all the users can access into the system and they can also view and modify their downline. Moreover, here, every member would get their own self replicating personalized web page along with a status of the plan, payment status, reminders and downline. All these things together will bring amazing results to the MLM businesses without the requirement of expending much.

MLM Software Kolhapur offers fully integrated customized Generation plan softwares, catering all your Multi Level Marketing needs. With years of experience we have all the reservoir of expertise required to tackle even the most challenging MLM issues. In present scenario MLM business cannot manage without the software. MLM Software Company offers their software services and wants to assure for accuracy, security and versatile features integration into the Online MLM Software.

Generation MLM

Benefits Of Generation MLM Software

  • Web based Application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Real–Time Access
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accuracy & Consistency
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Free MLM Consultancy

Features of Generation MLM Software

  • Member Management
  • MLM Report
  • Downline / Upline Report, Left Right Member List
  • Genealogy Tree (Binary Tree, Referral Tree)
  • E-Pin Management
  • Payout Statement
  • Multiple Secure E-Wallet