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Facebook & Whatsapp Marketing

Text marketing, once yesterday’s news with SMS, is being rejuvenated by mobile messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, and others. With the ubiquity of chat apps, it’s no surprise marketers are exploring ways to connect with their audiences.

Move over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Whatsapp, the mobile app created only 5 years ago, already has 700 million active users is now the most widely used social network in many markets, officially overtaking Facebook Messenger. As a private chat messenger WhatsApp allows users to share unlimited text, video, audio messages for free. The cost – just $1 to download and the best part – the promise of an advertising free experience.

For marketers, Whatsapp has been a tough opportunity to crack. No ads, no media to buy and users not liking intrusive spam like messages means you need to work harder to generate consumer engagement.


Facebook is getting ready to bring marketing messages to its WhatsApp messaging app, which was founded with a no-ads ethos, as well as tap user data from WhatsApp to inform ads on the social network.

Facebook is likely interested in better understanding the overlap between Facebook and WhatsApp users. Better coordination could also help WhatsApp fight spam.


Using Whatsapp as a marketing tool is the most discussed topic among many a marketing professional today. Whatsapp, whose main objective is to connect people from around the world, does not sound commercial in any way.

A lot of business owners and some famous brands have lately begun using WhatsApp as a multi-purpose platform for connecting billions of consumers. There are more than 456 million WhatsApp subscribers out of which 1 Million users are added every day. Interestingly, Facebook recently bought WhatsApp for 19 billion US Dollars, which is negligible in terms of business for obtaining a database of almost a million active users every day.