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MLM Software in Panhala

We are professional & dedicated MLM Software Development Company in Panhala. Over the years we are into MLM software development field and have strong knowledge of various MLM Plans and providing MLM Solutions in Panhala. Being a professional and experts in MLM development, we have provided customized mlm software and mlm solutions to many mlm companies and mlm leaders in Panhala at affordable cost.

MLM Website Features

  • Online Sign-up / Joining
  • Intro page with animation
  • Business plan details
  • Video presentation integration
  • Link to social networking sites
  • Enquiry form
  • Business presentation
  • Achievers photo gallery
  • Live chat facility
  • Content security to avoid copy of the content
  • News corner
  • Franchise details
  • Company announcements
  • Member count
  • Online members
  • Member testimonials
  • Latest press releases
  • Legal page with PAN card and ROC images
  • Display facebook followers
  • Facebook Like and follow
  • Live display of commodity or stock rates
  • Live integration with stock markets

Admin Panel Features

  • Member Management
  • View pin req
  • Transfer pin with modification
  • Delete pin request
  • Commssion Report of all members
  • Generate payout
  • View genealogy
  • E-wallet system
  • Commission calculations
  • Cheque printing facility
  • Inventory management
  • Update bill format
  • Sales Records
  • User-name Generator Module
  • Payout Statement
  • Self Replicating Web Sites
  • TDS report
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Fund transfer option
  • Current Online Accounts
  • Excel reports
  • Live integration with stock markets

Member Panel Fetures

  • Request pin to Franchise/Admin
  • Register(Join) Members
  • View pin request Report
  • View genealogy
  • View Paid payouts
  • View current Commission
  • Down-line Management
  • Online Accounts
  • Password management service
  • Upgrade or renew membership
  • Purchase history
  • Online payment facility
  • E-pin / E-vouchers
  • Product Re-purchase option
  • Payout details
  • Welcome letter
  • Tree view
  • TDS Certificate
  • In-box facility
  • Courier details tracking
  • Mobile recharge facility
  • Awards and rewards achieved